Fabrics Processing : Knitting


Square knitting floor is fully conditioned by chiller for temperature & humidity control. And also dust sucker unit to reduce the floor dust & flying particles. Knitting machines are separated by glass partition. So, we can produced minimum contaminated product compare to the others factory. We have a QAD team to follow up knitting process & good quality of product. 
We have total 33,000 kg of knitted fabric & 20,000 set of collar-cuff in-house capacity.  
Machine Description:
Square knitting is equipped by weft knitting machine, where are two types of machine:
Circular knitting machine 
  • Single Jersey
  • Single Jersey Jacquard
  • Single Jersey Auto Stripper 
  • Single Jersey Jacquard Auto Stripper
  • Double Jersey
  • Three thread Fleece 
Flat bed or, V-bed knitting machine. 
  • Fully computerized Semi Jacquard 
  • Fully computerized Full Jacquard.  
Square knitting is set up by all European & Japanese machineries’. Which are Mayer & Cie, Stoll, Shima Seiki brand. 
We can produced Single Jersey, Pique(with & without Spandex), 1*1 Rib, 2*2 Rib, Plain Interlock, Interlock/ Rib Design, Any design on 2, 3 or 4 track needle, Auto Stripper, Jacquard Auto Stripper, Waffle, Double Face, Fleece derivatives , Different kinds of collar, any image on collar, shape collar etc. 
We have the range of (14 to 32) Gauge machine to produce a versatile types of fabric. 

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