Natural Resource Management

The following water management program is beign maintained by Square Fashions Ltd. 
  • Rain Water Harvesting Plant
  •  Reduce Dyeing Process Water
  •  Reuse ground water by Using Machine Cooling Water
  •  Condensate Reuse
  •  Waste Water Reuse & Recycle.
Rain Water Catchment Area               : 2,84,000 sft (App.)
Rain Water Storage Capacity (Active)  : 20,000 Cu.Meter.
Rain Water Treatment Capacity           : 600 Cu. Meter/day.
Waste Water Recycling & Zero Discharge Project:
Reactive dyes are widely used in the textile industry to color cellulosic fibers. Their reactive groups are able to form covalent bonds with hydroxyl groups on the fiber. A strong covalent bond would be expected but the efficiency of the dye-fiber reaction can change 95 % (Maximum). This fact causes a significant problem, considering the residual dye left in the dye bath. One dyeing is completed; the dyed material is washed off several times in order to remove unfixed and hydrolyzed dye. This means that a significant amount of these compounds can be directly lost into wastewaters during processing operations. Textile industry activities lead to large quantities of textile wastewaters, highly colored and containing a variety of compounds such as dyes, organic chemicals, inorganic salts and others.

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