Becoming Green

We are committed to our next generation and hence merging every single step keeping in mind our responsibility towards sustainability. On the process of becoming green, we run our ETP 24/7 towards the whole year. Catchment’s area of our two rain water harvesting project is 100,000 sft and it will be increased up to 342,000 sft by the end of year 2015. At present rain water storage capacity is 8,389 cubic meter & treatment capacity - 360m3/day. We are using this rain water in the dying process. We also reuse Machine Cooling Water & Steam Condensate in dyeing process as hot water to reduce lifting of ground water that save energy as well. We also operate a caustic Soda recovery plant. In order to keep us in the same platform with other environment friendly industrialization, we are also in process of erecting our upcoming plant in a way where the smart and optimum proper use of natural resources is ensured. We have a plan to utilize the rooftop for rainwater storage. We do have a natural fertilizer plant by utilizing our daily bio generated waste. At the same time, we maintain a strong waste management system. 

In harmony with nature, we have Biological Treatment and Energy Conservation program. Sate of the art technology has been used in the ETP in our dye house for biological treatment of the waste. We also use comprehensive energy conservation program. This feeds back all recyclable energy into our various systems. Especially for our air-conditioning purpose. Our investment in this program has made us energy efficient and environmentally conscious entity. 

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